So you are considering donating to Pyco Productions? Well, you should know a few things first. First of all, if you want credit for your donation you need to include your Pyco id number on the donation form, it should look like
ID: ###
. If you log in, you will see your ID number in the previous box. Double check to make sure this information is accurate, having an incorrect number will give somebody else credit for your donation. If you wish to donate anonymously, simply leave this information out. Second, donations under $1 are discouraged. PayPal fees will consume a good portion of such tiny donations, making them almost pointless. Unfortunately, this means that donations under 50 cents will not be applied to your Pyco account. At this time, we are only able to accept donations sent through PayPal. As for why you would want credit? Well, when you include your ID we will process your donation and apply it to your Pyco account. While you should be donating because you like Pyco and want to help support our free services, you might also receive some benefits from your donations. These benefits are not guaranteed and might be changed, improved, or removed in the future. They may also depend on how much you have donated. If your donation takes more than a week to process, send KaBob799 a private message.
Current benefits: You gain the option to have a tiny star indicating the amount you have donated appear on your Pyco profile pages, such as those on forums. $0.50-4.99 is a bronze star, $5-19.99 is a silver star and $20+ is a gold star. You can also choose to display the exact amount you have donated next to the star. By default, the star will not be displayed. This option can be toggled in your control panel on this site. This benefit is very unlikely to be removed. In addition to the above benefit, you can also choose to display the star (and amount) next to your posts on PycoForums using the same control panel page. The donation star benefit may not be available on premium sites. For every $1 that you donate, your private message limit will increase by 10. For every $2 that you donate, your limit on pantheon responses will increase by 1. For every $5 that you donate, your limit on custom emotes will increase by 1, up to a maximum bonus of 15. Alternate forms of donation: From time to time we may offer alternate forms of donating to pyco, these methods are not always guaranteed to work as they depend on other websites. Video Donation: Watch videos to donate money to pyco. Each video is worth at least 1 point, each point counts as 0.75 cents. Ex: 4 points = 3 cents.